Hi, I'm Ayo Isaiah.

I'm a self-taught Front-End Developer living in Lagos, Nigeria and I'm currently learning Full-Stack JavaScript through Free Code Camp.

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Learn Vue.js by building a to-do list app

A practical introduction for beginners to Vue.js by building a simple to-do list application

Why I switched to Fedora from Arch Linux

I discuss the motives behind my recent switch to Fedora after eight months with Arch Linux and what it was like to try out a new Linux distro

Simon Game

My final Front-End project on Free Code Camp involved making a Simon Game which challenges your memory by forcing you to remember patterns of button clicks

Intermediate Algorithm Challenges

Earlier this week, I completed the last of the intermediate algorithm challenges which leaves me with just the advanced Front-End projects for the first level certification

TwitchTv App

My workflow for building a TwitchTv app as part of Free Code Camp's curriculum